Atlas Holdings and Blue Wolf Capital to Acquire 双河

New owners commit to sustainable business plan to create long-term value

2013年5月21日,新墨西哥州埃德蒙斯顿和缅因州马达瓦斯卡 Blue Wolf Capital Partners and Atlas Holdings today announced that they have reached an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in 五大联赛买球app, 公司. 布鲁克菲尔德资产管理公司(Brookfield Asset Management 公司 .)的《五大联赛买球》(双河).  协议的具体条款没有披露.

The transaction is expected to close in approximately three weeks, 为某些程序要求留出时间.  蓝狼和阿特拉斯, 都是总部设在纽约的私人投资公司, have long track records of building forest products companies in North America.

双河, 在埃德蒙斯顿和石膏岩都有设施, 新布伦瑞克, 和Madawaska, 缅因州, has been a vital economic engine for the region for over 80 years, producing specialty 纸s and lumber for a variety of markets.  Through the acquisition of a controlling stake in 双河, Atlas and Blue Wolf are showing their commitment to the future of the business, and will work with the company in the development of its long-term capital and growth plans.

“双河 produces specialty 纸s and lumber products that are well regarded throughout the industry.  Our plan is to build on these strengths as we seek to position the operations for long-term success and as a key contributor in the revitalization of the forest products sector in 缅因州 and 新布伦瑞克,亚当·布卢门撒尔说, 蓝狼管理合伙人.

在积极的支持下, 我们公司带来的方向和指导, we believe we can provide 双河 with additional resources to address its capital needs, 成本结构, market exposure and other critical operational challenges presented by the highly competitive forest products industry,蒂姆·法齐奥说, Atlas Holdings的管理合伙人.

双河 is a major employer in 新布伦瑞克 and northern 缅因州, and the acquisition was welcomed by a wide variety of constituencies.

“We have a proud history in our forest sector and certainly recognize the strategic importance of the 双河 operation.  The local communities and our entire forest sector value the jobs and role that 双河 plays.  We are excited to have new partners such as Atlas and Blue Wolf invest in the Province and commit to growing this operation and working with us as we continue to rebuild our economy,大卫·阿尔沃德说, 新不伦瑞克省省长.

“We welcome 蓝狼和阿特拉斯 to our State,” added 缅因州 Governor Paul LePage.  “These investors have a track record of successful change in forest products companies, and we look forward to working with them as they implement their strategy.”

戴夫·科尔斯, President of the Canadian Energy and Paperworkers Union, which represents workers at 双河’ operations in Edmundston and 石膏岩, 新布伦瑞克说, “We have long represented workers at companies owned by Atlas and Blue Wolf, and we know them to be thoughtful and creative investors who are committed to the industry.  We will work with the new ownership to protect jobs and pensions for our active and retired members.”

“我们欢迎所有权的改变, 一个我们熟悉的团体,琼恩·葛南说, International Vice President of the United Steelworkers of America, 代表着孪河镇马达瓦斯卡的工人, 缅因州造纸厂.  “We expect the new owners will be dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of this company into the future.”

在一起, 蓝狼和阿特拉斯 Holdings have a depth of experience in successfully collaborating with stakeholders to build investee companies into sustainable, highly competitive enterprises in both Canada and the United States – including, Northern Resources 新斯科舍 Corporation (“Northern Resources”), 位于皮克图的一家纸浆厂, 新斯科舍, 和Finch Paper Holdings LLC, an integrated 纸浆 and 纸 business located in Glens Falls, 纽约.

分别, Atlas Holdings has been investing and operating in the forest products, 自1999年以来,包装和造纸行业.  Atlas currently owns approximately 30 locations in North America, 欧洲和亚洲关注这些市场, 雇佣5人以上,000人.  Blue Wolf has been investing in the forest products industry since 2007, and currently owns seven companies in the United States, 主要生产企业, 包括两家建筑五大联赛买球公司.

“双河 has been vital to the region’s economy for over 80 years, 我们希望它能继续保持下去,布卢门撒尔表示:“.  “We look forward to working with all stakeholders to create a viable, stable and long-term future for 双河 and the forestry sector in both countries.”



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